Oil cooling exchangers are ideal for heat transfer fluids, lubricating oils. These high-quality products are manufactured by latest production techniques
using the best raw materials.

Standart manufacturing range involves 4 fresh-water-cooled and sea watercooled product groups. The products are marked by high efficiency, ease of cleaning, durability and low cost

Design and Materials

Fresh water implementations of REFKAR exchangers include copper heat transfer tubes, carbon steel body tubes and shims, GGG-cast covers and klingerite non-asbestos gaskets.

In sea-water-cooled products, distinctive features are CuNiFe 10% heat transfer tubes and DDI316L shims. Zn anode is used for covers of seawater-cooled products.

Unilab, HTRI, Siemens NX and mechanical TS EN134453 applications are used for design. Standard oil exchangers are manufactured for maximum 12 bar operating pressure and tested with 18 bar nitrogen. They are well equipped for operation at 120 ˚C.