REFKAR Shell&Tube Evaporators are used in industrial and comfort cooling units. Refkar Evaporators are manufactured in order to provide low pressure loss and high efficiency starting from a cooling capacity of 20 Kw up to a capacity of 1500 Kw for RCD and RCD series and from 100 Kw up to 1500 Kw for RPS and RPD series (when used with R134A gas). Having adopted customer satisfaction as its main principle, REFKAR also renders services for customer focused projects under different working conditions in addition to its standard product range.

Design and Material

Mechanical calculations of REFKAR RC line evaporators are in accordance with TS EN13445-3 standard and with a CE certificate in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. REFKAR Shell&Tube evaporators are tested with a gas side of 30 bars and a water side of 10 bars. Helium leak test is a standard test for all products. For REFKAR products, a guarantee is offered against coolant leak for up to 2 gr/year. Tests are performed at various pressure levels for multicircuit products and prevention of leakage between circuits is guaranteed.

Fouling Factor

Fouling factor (f.f.) is important in selecting an evaporator. The fouling factor levels under certain conditions are given below.

Closed-circuit mains water f.f.= 0.000043 m2K/W
Open-circuit mains water f.f.= 0.000086 m2K/W
Glycol solution < %40 f.f.= 0.000086 m2K/W
Glycol solution > %40 f.f.= 0.000172 m2K/W

The table below lists the recommended glycol solution for low-temperature
operating conditions.