REFKAR Shell&Tube Condensers are used in industrial and comfort cooling units. REFKAR RKDEW and RKMDEW series Shell&Tube Condensers are manufactured in order to provide low pressure loss and high efficiency starting from a cooling capacity of 20 kW up to a capacity of 1680 kW under standard working conditions. RKDEW series Shell&Tube condensers are used in cooling applications where city water and storage water are used while RKMDEW series Shell&Tube condensers are used in cooling applications with sea water. Having adopted customer satisfaction as its main principle, REFKAR also renders services for customer focused projects under different working conditions in addition to its standard product range.

Design and Material

REFKAR Shell&Tube Condensers are designed in order to minimize performance decreasing factors such as vibration and corrosion. RKMDEW series Shell&Tube condensers are designed and manufactured as resistant to corrosive effects of sea water. Materials used in REFKAR Shell&Tube Condensers are selected according to “European Pressure Vessel Codes”. Materials used in REFKAR shell&tube type evaporators are chosen in complience with “European Pressure Vessel Codes”

RKDEW Shell&Tube Condensers;
a) Heat transfer pipes with a special geometry and inside and outside grooves enabling the heat transfer are made of copper
b) Tube sheets and bodies are made of steel
c) Head Covers are made of cast iron
d) Bolts are made of steel alloy
e) Gaskets are made of asbestos free materials that are compatible with HCFC and HCF cooling gases.

Fooling Factor

Fouling factor (f.f.) is important in selecting an condenser. The fouling factor levels under certain conditions are given below.

  • Closed-circuit mains water f.f.= 0.000043 m2K/W
  • Open-circuit mains water f.f.= 0.000086 m2K/W
  • Glycol solution < %40 f.f.= 0.000086 m2K/W
  • Glycol solution > %40 f.f.= 0.000172 m2K/W

The table below lists the recommended glycol solution for low-temperature operating conditions.