Refkar RL range shell&tube evaporators are designed for industrial cooling applications, comfort and air-conditioning systems, low-temperature salting applications and heat pump systems. RL evaporators are designed for R134a coolant but they can be used with a wide range of coolants. The cooling capacity of RL line ranges from 160 kW to 1750 kW and they are manufactured with up to 3 standalone circuits. RL evaporators are designed to offer the high efficiency of reverse flow. This ensures minimum material cost and guarantees maximum efficiency.

Design and Material

Materials used in REFKAR products comply with EN norms. Materials with the
following specifications are used in standard products.

Cast iron or carbon steel covers
Carbon steel body pipe, coolant and water connections
Copper heat transfer piping
Plastic cross curtains
Asbestos-free cylinder head gasket
Steel bolts

Manufacturing with other materials on request

Kirlenme Faktörü

Fouling factor (f.f.) is important in selecting an evaporator. The fouling factor levels under certain conditions are given below.

  • Closed-circuit mains water f.f.= 0.000043 m2K/W
  • Open-circuit mains water f.f.= 0.000086 m2K/W
  • Glycol solution < %40 f.f.= 0.000086 m2K/W
  • Glycol solution > %40 f.f.= 0.000172 m2K/W

The table below lists the recommended glycol solution for low-temperature operating conditions.